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About falcon

“Falcon Voice Ltd” is an emerging and prominent Telecommunication service provider, operating since 2012 and Registered in HongKong in 2019. Corporation Registration Number: 2877521. Check Here! Ever since our inception, we have encountered a significant growth in carrier-interconnections with our Telecom Services

“Falcon Voice Ltd” is a team of business entrepreneurs from different places around the world who likes to work with complete freedom in the telecommunication industry. We connect with business and individuals to advance the telecommunication industry. Our Terms are very flexible to bust up your business & value your time and money.

We offer termination to both wholesale and retail partners. We use the best-in-class equipment and provide complete management of all traffic running through our network. Our system allows us to monitor the traffic 24/7 concentrating on every customer’s requirements.

“Falcon Voice Ltd” rapidly expanded to become one of the most reliable partners in the Global Telecom Market thanks to well grounded worldwide interconnections and user oriented approach. As the world needs to be increasingly connected, Our International team of professionals share values that make “Falcon Voice Ltd” a reliable partner in terms of quality, cost efficiency, flexibility and security.

What We Do!

The main part of our business is high-quality wholesale and retail traffic termination. For more info or more products and services, please visit out product and service tab.

Mission & Vision:

Our Vision is to walk with technology and enhance the communication industry. We adeptly achieve growth through our premium quality telecommunication services like direct routes backed by unbeatable reliability and security. We deliver on our commitments that are sustained by the professional expertise of our in-house team. We thrive on the success of our satisfied customers who continually reap the benefits of our services.

Goals and Objective

To be extensively dynamic and strive to deliver and generate considerable revenue and profit for our clients and us by utilizing our professional expertise in providing high-quality stable Routes that meet their requirements. To be known and recognized as a competitive, well-reputed and a leading transnational telecom provider in the industry. To provide the widest possible range of customer-focused destinations at competitive market pricing. To excel in being the dynamic leader in adapting to market conditions through developing receptive and flexible business processes. To provide unparalleled service to its customers whilst ensuring quick availability and 24/7 accessibility.

Our Partners

Opportunities increase when you help others win. A win for a partner is a win for us. Our customers are many of the world’s largest carriers, cellular operator, content providers and network operators. Currently we have numerous carriers in many countries all over the world.
Wholesale Traffic 60%
Retail Traffic 40%




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